EUfishmeal is partner in the FMSY Project

What is FMSY?
FMSY is a biological reference point for fisheries management. It is the fishing pressure that gives the maximum sustainable yield in the long term. In the past overfishing has been a common feature in most sea areas. Overfishing means that fishing pressure is higher than FMSY.

The objective of the FMSY project ( is to come up with FMSY values, which are based on ecosystem functioning, for each of ICES data rich fish stocks. These FMSY values can be applied directly by ICES in its routine fisheries advice. The aim is to bridge the gap between the science available and management.

The Nordic Marine Think Tank (NMTT) and the FMSY Project have organized a Symposium, 10-11 October 2018 in Copenhagen: ÔÇťOptimizing sustainable fishing yields: ecosystem and management perspectives.

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