About EUfishmeal

About EUfishmeal

EUfishmeal is a European nongovernmental organisation representing European fishmeal and fish oil producers.

The objectives of EUfishmeal are:

  • To represent and promote the European fishmeal and fish oil industry in the EU.
  • To assure a pro-active position for the sector in front of the EU Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament.
  • To provide accurate information to decision makers.
  • To organise and coordinate activities within the areas of interest of the European fishmeal and fish oil producers.
  • To distribute relevant national and international legislation to its members.
  • To cooperate with other associations within its field.

Full members of EUfishmeal are national associations in European countries focusing on the production of fishmeal and fish oil.

Associate members of EUfishmeal are companies and organisations within Europe, which are invited to join EUfishmeal.